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    Design a smile with the help of Veneers – a painless way to a perfect smile

    A perfect smile is not only the result of healthy teeth, but in large part the effect of the interaction between color and shape. So that your smile can captivate your teeth should match the shape of the face and you as a type. For most people this is not always natural. But aesthetic dental medicine has modern technologies and ultra-thin blends (Veneers, Lumineers) with which all your desires are fulfilled.Even a celebrity movie actresses should help themselves that a charming Hollywood smile becomes real.

    Veneers were invented in Hollywood! American dentist Charles Pincus thus decorated the smile of then still little-known actress Norma Jean Baker . Later she became world famous as Marilyn Monroe. For a time, she was the lover of President John F. Kennedy. As you can see, we dentists definitely can help improve the quality of life.

    I took upon myself the obligation to strengthen your well-being and help you to acquire a charming smile.

    „Love of beauty is a taste. Creating beauty is art.“

    Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

    Weitere Smiles

    What is nice smile

    In the world there are very few things that surprise us as a person’s face. In this case, the beauty of the face is of particular importance. It is impossible to define the concept of beauty, because it depends on the personal view of the observer, on his life experience, on the perception of life and even on his biochemistry. Beauty can not be measured, but harmony is possible. Harmony as one of the most important aspects of beauty is subject to strict rules.

    Golden proportions known as the golden section are observed everywhere in nature. They are the object of many famous cultural works, they can be discovered in the face of Mona Lisa. The faces that we perceive as beautiful correspond generally to the golden section.

    It has been scientifically proven that the symmetry based on the golden section is perceived from the human eye as attractive. But not all facial features are perceived equally. Professor Gordon Patzer investigated this phenomenon and formulated five dominant factors on which to depend on the perception of attractiveness:

    76% Teeth, 75% Smile, 73% Lips, 63% Eyes, 58% Nose.

    There are very few things that impress us so much as a human face. At the same time, the focus is on the teeth, 76% fall on them.

    What are Veneers

    This is a painless way to a natural good smile.

    A perfect smile is not only a matter of healthy teeth, but the result of the interaction between color and shape.

    So that your smile will be able to enchant your teeth must conform to the shape of your face and type.

    Veneers of new generation are very thin ceramic films which like optical lenses are glued on the teeth. Additional grinding of teeth is not obligatory.

    With the help of veneers it is possible to correct the changes in color, position and different dental defects gently and painlessly without resorting to the removal of dental substance. It is also possible to eliminate the difference between the different height of the teeth.

    Each veneer is a durable unique object hand-created by dental technician. Due to natural light breaks, veneers do not differ from their own teeth.

    Application of veneer

    Broken or multicolored teeth
    Crooked teeth
    The distance between the teeth
    Repair of old crowns and bridges
    Strong discoloration
    Too small or large teeth
    Patienten schildern ihre Erfahrungen mit Veneers

    Advantages of the veneer

    • Very good and healthy teeth
    • Gentle and painless procedure-without grinding and drill
    • Without injections
    • Minimally invasive procedure

    If you want to know how to make your teeth whiter, more beautiful and healthier – call us! We will be happy to advise you and show you that it is really possible!

    Many people pay attention to how others look teeth. Beautiful, white and clean teeth make people more attractive .. They help people look healthy, cheerful and young.

    With beautiful teeth you can talk calmly, relaxedly smile and easily communicate with people around you. The one who willingly laughs, is really more sympathetic to others, is sociable and self-confident. Such people, as a rule, succeed in personal and professional life.

    Therefore, many patients wish to have beautiful teeth. Here you will find out what opportunities exist for this.

    You will be surprised how quickly and simply we can fulfill your dream of beautiful and healthy teeth!

    Have you ever wondered why many stars have such smooth, beautiful and white teeth? Are they natural? And if not, how were such beautiful teeth made? Here are the answers:

    There is an opportunity, uneven and dark teeth to make beautiful and bright, without having to grind them heavily. Not only many stars and celebrities choose this method. More and more „ordinary people“ appreciate the natural and aesthetic appearance of the teeth. It’s about ceramic veneers.

    Veneers are thin ceramic pads that are attached to the outer surface of the tooth. The word „veneer“ literally means „facing“. This is how it looks – veneers are thin plates of ceramics, the surface of which looks wonderful, like a natural tooth. These lining with a high-tech process firmly connect with the tooth.

    Despite the fact that the veneers are so elegant, they have a very long life. A great advantage is that for the use of veneers, teeth can be polished very little, and sometimes this is not required at all. This advantage allows the installation procedure to be painless.

    In which cases are veneers the best solution?

    If the teeth are uneven
    In the absence of some teeth
    With strong dark spots on the teeth
    If the teeth are naturally deformed
    If the teeth are badly worn or broken
    If the teeth have so many seals that they can not be repaired with composites
    Keramik-Veneers könnenabgebrochene Zähne ausbessern

    In all these cases, you can restore the aesthetics and attractiveness of teeth with the help of veneers. If you appreciate the beauty of natural teeth, which lasts long, without fading, protects your teeth and gums, veneers are the right solution for you!

    Keramik-Veneers könnenunschöne Zahnlücken oder Spalten schließen

    Since the veneers are very thin, a large depth of grinding of the tooth surface is not required. Sometimes grinding is not necessary! For this reason, the treatment is gentle and almost painless.

    Mit Discover White Veneers können kleinere Lücken können geschlossen, Zapfenzähne korrigiert und die ursprüngliche Zahnlänge wiederhergestellt werden.

    Despite the fact that the veneers are so thin, they serve for a very long time – in our experience of 15 years or more! These lining spares not only the teeth, but also the gums –

    The plates are faced with a thin side to the gums and therefore they are not irritated. Also, the transition from the plate to the tooth is not noticeable, since both have the same color.

    After the preparation of the teeth, the upper jaw is formed. Together with you will be determined the color and brightness that your new teeth should receive. The dental technician will make ceramic lining, which will take one or two weeks. Since there is nothing to polish off anything (or almost anything) from teeth, there is no need for temporary camouflage for this period.

    When veneers are ready, they, with the help of special technology, firmly connect with the surface of the teeth. After that you can enjoy your appearance in the mirror and take the first compliments.

    Overview of the advantages of veneers

    A gentle installation procedure, because grinding your teeth requires very little or no need at all.

    They have a natural appearance and a long service life of 15 years or more!

    Veneers do not fade and do not have dark borders. The transition from the veneer to the tooth is not noticeable.

    Protect the gums, because they are facing a thin side to the gums and do not have protruding margins.

    Teeth are not only teeth, but a tool with a huge potential, which my profession has turned into my vocation

    How will I create your smile

    The condition of your teeth affects not only your health, but your health and joy of life. One dazzling smile works positively on others. But unfortunately not everyone is rewarded from nature with beautiful teeth. Here to help come the Aesthetic Dentistry, which has modern technology with whose help almost all desires are feasible.

    I undertook the obligation to strengthen your state of health and supply you with a dazzling smile.

    1st session

    The first session is primarily for acquaintance. You inform that you are worried and share with me your worries. To visualize possible changes, we make photos that you can take with you. If you want to know what the possible result is, then we can make a computer simulation.

    We can also make and cast for wax ap. Wax up is a wax simulation of your future smile, which you can try out.

    2nd session

    This time in the center is Wax up. You can see how your future smile will look and compare with the present state. Then go up and up with a special glue in your mouth and you see how they would wilt after the intervention. You can also take your photos with you. After the first reading, you come in the third session.

    3rd session

    Depending on the initial situation, the teeth are slightly contoured or, in the ideal case, only they are cleaned and special castings are made. Anesthesia is used only for large dental curvatures. The measurements of your face are also taken, and together with the dental technician you choose the color of the new teeth. Of course, the color of your eyes, hair and face plays an important role, so that the result would be as good as possible.

    4th session

    This is the day of receiving your new smile. Ceramic films are tested and you can see the result. If it meets your expectations then the films are inserted permanently.

    5th session

    A day or two after insertion is done a follow-up inspection. Then Dr. Mincheva will make the final touch of your new smile. Finally everything is polished and you are shining in a new light.

    By the result of one poll, a nice smile is the main indicator of a good vision and to this, of course, also good teeth.

    At the same time, in the center is the creation of a perfect interaction between the shape and color of the teeth that naturally fits into the patient’s face. This technique creates new standards in the field of aesthetic dental medicine. On the way to an accurate analysis of the shape of the face, the smile and the teeth can be created with the help of a new smile to change your life. Because of the shape of the teeth, their position and the width of the dental arch, one can compensate for the shortcomings of the face and focus on areas from which the entire external appearance.