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    Dental implants: aesthetics, pleasure and quality of life „made in Düsseldorf“

    What do you think about with dental implants? For most people it is about dentures – the so-called „third party“. But for us it is more than just a substitute for your own teeth. The combination of implants with high quality crowns and bridges is a quality of life for many of our patients.

    „Healthy starts in the mouth“ – and thanks to dental implants, there are hardly any limits left today! Teeth with only one root are replaced in most cases immediately! With existing gullets, the dental implant can be placed directly in the jawbone and is resilient after a short healing time. The original function and optics are thus restored and the implant-supported dentures are indistinguishable from their own teeth.

    Which implant is right for you, is determined with the help of a 3D image, also called DVT. In this image, the bone is measured three-dimensionally, so it can be determined exactly which bone length and thickness is available. Accordingly, the correct diameter and length for your implant will be determined. Dentures on implants is the perfect alternative to the conventional bridge, which is attached to natural teeth. The so-called abutment teeth – the teeth to the right and left of the tooth gap – have to be ground. If possible, healthy teeth should not be ground down in order to preserve the valuable hard tooth substance and not to damage it at will. If the surrounding teeth are healthy, it is always advisable to use an implant. Especially since the care of individual dental crowns on implants is easier: Dental floss or interdental brushes can be used as usual.

    Dental implants are made of titanium or ceramic. The material titanium has been proven and tested for decades for the manufacture of implants. If a titanium intolerance is known, or the patient does not want metal in the mouth, ceramic implants are used.

    Avoid inflammation: ceramic implants for the metal-free mouth

    Dr. Christin Dan Pascu is your partner for healthy dentures. As „Expert in Oral Implantology“ he has been dealing with the different possibilities of implantology for many years. Ceramic biology and dental implants are among his specialties in dentistry.

    You want dentures without compromising your overall health? Then our „White Implant Concept“ is your alternative to classic dental prostheses with titanium implants. Ceramic implants are biocompatible, allergy-free and a central part of our biological dentistry. Zirconia is a high performance material with clear benefits for our patients compared to metal dental implants:

    Biological compatibility at the highest level

    Optimal attachment to the gums

    No allergic reactions or amplification of electromagnetic radiation

    No electric current flow, since 100% metal-free

    Less bacterial plaque and less inflammation around the implant

    Optimal stability and durability

    Low risk of implant loss

    Top aesthetics for the front teeth

    Immediate implantation with a temporary crown is possible

    Fixed teeth with Fast & Fixed: Immediately loadable dental implants from Dusseldorf without bone structure!

    Firm and healthy teeth are the basis for a life full of enjoyment, zest for life and self-confidence. But not all people are lucky enough to get their own teeth for a long time. There are many reasons why teeth can be lost – right down to edentulism. Patients who do not want to take a toothless jaw as a fate, we can help with Discover White in Dusseldorf. As experienced implantologists we specialize in the FAST & FIXED FIXED TEETH IN ONE DAY method – for your added quality of life.

    Dr. Christian Dan Pascu specializes in immediate implantation and immediate loading. For many years, he has helped our patients with FAST & FIXED to form new solid teeth. He is also a lecturer in this field, offers advanced training for dentists and was awarded the title „Expert in Oral Implantology“ of the German Board of Implantology.

    Implants instead of removable full denture

    The method Fast & Fixed (also called All-on-4) is based on only 4 implants, which are anchored firmly and securely in the jaw. On the artificial tooth roots, we bolt a fixed bridge, which you can load a few hours later. They leave our practice with fixed teeth the same day – regardless of whether or not they had to pull teeth. This method is proven in toothless patients and where all residual teeth due to damage or disease must be removed.

    Passende Implantate für jeden Patienten.

    The special feature – dental implants without bone structure: Using a special surgical technique, we insert two of four dental implants at an angle into the jawbone. So we use the existing bone supply, even if the jawbone has already been greatly reduced. Using longer dental implants creates a larger contact surface with the bone for maximum stability.

    Quality from the master lab: Only the best with implants and dentures

    Keramik-Inlays: Die beste Wahl für anspruchsvolle Patienten

    From the beginning the dental technician masters  at ATELIER WHITE – our practice-own master laboratory – are there. After all, they are responsible for the visible part of the implantological treatment – for the dentures.

    Immediately after we have taken the X-rays, we discuss the type-specific aesthetics of your new teeth with our team of doctors and dental technicians. Shape and color must fit to you and your ideas. Incidentally, this applies to the final bridge made of high-quality all-ceramic as well as to the first provisional restoration on the day of treatment.

    Das Implantat ist ein komfortabler & festsitzender Zahnersatz

    Quality „made in Düsseldorf“

    stands for a long service life and guarantees you the best treatment from a single source- at one hand!